Up to a 12 Head PC Pump Filler

A 12 head PC pump filler is a fully automatic machine which fills a pre-select amount of product into a container. PC pumps are sized to suit your product viscosity and size of solids in suspense.

The bottles enter the machine on a conveyor (not included); a pneumatic gate system allows the containers to stand under the filling heads and keeps the rest of the containers isolated on the conveyor line. The filling operation then starts to the pre-set count.  Each filling nozzle is fitted with its own positive shut off valve, which shuts off the product flow once filling is completed and prevents excess dripping. The machine is fitted with a short stroke diving system. A Drip Tray can be added to alleviate dripping on the filled containers.

A product hopper tank is supplied with the machine, which is pneumatically controlled by means of modulating valve or probe or mercury switch.

For the 12 Head option the 6 PC Pumps are used but while the filling cycle is completed on the one side and bottles exit the filling area, the filling cycle is already started at the rear 6 heads. Filling cycles alternate between the two 6 Head filling banks that is mounted back to back and using the same 6 pumps.

  • PLC Controlled
  • Fully automatic
  • Positive shut off valves
  • Filling speed depends on size of container / bottles and viscosity of liquid/product

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