Cap Tightners

Screw Capping
Pneumatic Hand Held Cap Tightners

The caps are placed by hand.  This unit has an adjustable torque setting, which will enable you to set the desired torque that you require for your container and cap.

Each time the trigger is depressed and the unit is applied with pressure onto the bottle by the operator, the cap will be tightened to the preset torque.

Change part heads are available for different cap sizes. A stand with a balancing unit is also supplied, so that the cap torque unit can be suspended by means of a spring loaded cable from an elevated arm.

This means that the operator can simply pull the unit down onto a container without having to continually support its weight.

(Weight 10kg)

Reciprocating Cap Torque Machine

  • Machine can be placed onto a table
  • Bottles/ Containers are Manually placed under the Torque Head
  • Adjustable torque to suit various Cap Torque requirements
  • Utilizes replaceable taper silicone inserts to transfer torque from the clutch to the cap with friction
  • Various capping heads are available to cater for a wide range of caps. The machine is supplied with one size. Additional Heads are optional.
  • Purpose made Steel capping heads are available as an optional extra
  • Uses two industrial AC motors
  • Friction pad at the foot of the container is used to prevent the bottle from rotating while torque is applied
  • PET bottles are gripped by the Neck to prevent rotation while torque is applied
  • Production Speed of 30bpm
In-Line Cap Tightners

Caps are placed by hand.  The capper is an airscrew driver, which is automatically driven.

The gate system holds the bottle in position and the screw capper lowers itself onto the cap and fastens the cap to a pre-set torque.

The screw capper withdraws and the gate opens and releases the capped bottle and receives the next bottle. Up to 2400bph can be done.

Rotary Cap Tightners

The Rotary capping machine is a fully automatic machine that can be added to any production line.

Adjustable magnetic torque heads are utilized to apply constant and precise torque to the screw caps. These torque heads are maintenance free and prevent damage to caps.

Caps are orientated in a Cap Unscrambler installed on the top of the Capping machine and fed down a Cap Chute to a Cap Feeding Plate.

A Pick and Place system is being used and the capping chuck collects the caps from the capping plate and screws them onto the bottles. A no bottle no cap system is incorporated as a standard.

An Optional Cap Elevator can be used to feed caps to the Cap Unscrambler.

The Cap Elevator is controlled by the machine’s PLC. The machine is controlled by a PLC and touch screen.

Snap Caps
Press Down Cap Tightners

Snap caps will be placed onto the bottle by hand if an unscrambling unit is not part of the scope of supply.

With the cap placed onto the bottle, it will continue under the press down belt, which will secure the cap onto the bottle.

A variable speed facility is part of the press down capper, which will enable you to synchronise the speed with the product conveyor.

Adjustable support brackets are designed to accommodate a wide variety of bottle sizes and heights.