Competition Printing

Unique Competition Printing Codes

We have Developed our own unique Competition Printing Software.

We generate as many random numbers as our client needs with garanteed no duplicates for competition auditing
We then setup between 1 and 4 Hitachi inkjet Printer to print similtaniously on the high speed printing line.
Our unique software then extracts one of the codes from the database and prints the code on the inside of the product wrapper.
The software the moved to the next number and sends the message to the hitachi printer ready for the next print event.

As our customers require assurance of no duplicates we often setup and monitor the entire print job but other customers we provide the machine opperators training of how to start and stop printing when the line stops.

Unique Coding is an effective and attractive marketing tool that supports sales-boosting consumer promotions.

We offer our customers a range of standard solutions as well as professional advice on individual designs and the ideal choice of flexible monofilms and laminates.

The individual codes, which are usually printed on the inside of the packaging, are particularly popular in the confectionery & snacks industries and suitable for various applications, also for cold seal packaging.

Unique codes offer a great number of advantages: A winning solution for your products – Unique Coding
Individual codes are quickly applied on each wrapper
Reliable and precise printing
High safety standards
Brand protection
Product traceability
Great flexibility.

Technical details

State-of-the-art continuous inkjet printers used for code application
Printing inline and in register with gravure high-speed printing process
Use of up to eight individual printing units across the film width in order to apply the codes in the appropriate direction Excellent adhesion of codes on the film
Designs can also be printed with flexo technology, in which case the codes are applied offline during slitting of the reels
Detailed reporting specifying those codes which were successfully printed and which failed to print