Hitachi PB Series

Hitachi PB Series

Hitachi PB Series Continuous Inkjet Printers


Hitachi offers a complete set of solutions for the evolving printing requirements of global customer base. Our advanced PB Series industrial inkjet printers offer finest quality printing at minimal production cost and power consumption.

Hitachi’s range of industrial PB Series continuous inkjet printers is completely eco-friendly, and is equipped with an ink circulation system that reduces the typical fluid usage by 50 percent, thus contributing to lower solvent emissions. Besides reducing the fluid wastes, Hitachi also enhances the return on investment via high component reliability and MTBFR (Mean Time Between Failure Rates).

Our high quality continuous inkjet printers are manufactured according to RoHS environmental guidelines. As the European Union RoHS Directive restricts the use of hazardous hexavalent metals in electrical and electronic equipment, Hitachi manufactures continuous inkjet printers with these directives in mind, thereby voluntarily reducing the amount of hexavalent hazardous metals and reducing the environmental impact.

Key Features:


• Large monochrome 8.9″ LCD touch panel.
• Direct touch button menu selection.
• Onscreen troubleshooting guide.


• Strong die-cast aluminum frame print head.
• Unique 3m flexible umbilical design to shield external high voltage exposure.
• 65µm nozzle with SS nozzle.
• Auto-flush during shutdown prevents nozzle clogging.


• Unique ink return system reduces the solvent evaporation, which minimizes the mixing of air and ink.
• Combination of viscosity control and density control minimizes solvent consumption and maintains high print quality.


• 304 SS IP45 enclosure.
• Console dimensions (15.7″W X 12.4″D X 20.3″H).

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