Front and Back Labelers

 Stepper Driven Double Sided Labelers System :

The SLA4-2-CIO electronic label application system is designed to automatically apply front and back labels onto flat, square, tapered or convex.

The machine is mainly constructed from 304 Stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.
Setup for the machine is done on a central rotating control panel that is accessible from both sides of the machine.
Stepper motors and drives are being used together with a Human Machine Interface to ensure ease of setup and highly accurate labelling.
Electronic Setup for up to ten containers are stored on the system making changeovers easier between different containers.

As a standard the machine is supplied to accommodate a 145mm high web width labels but additional extended rollers can be supplied to accommodate labels with a web width of up to 260mm.

A 2.5m conveyor with an 82.5mm ACETAL belt will transport the container though the system to apply the labels.
A double sided in-feed centralizing unit or double sided scroll system orientates the container prior to an overhead stabiliser grabbing hold of the container in its orientated state and supporting the container though the area where the labels are being applied.

Flat panel labelers accessories ensure good adhesion of the label onto the bottle. All drive motors have YASKAWA variable speed facility as a standard. .