Other Industrial Equipment

Label Re-Winder

The Label Re-Winder is manufactured from Stainless steel and the unit can be placed on top of a table. It is powered by 220VAC and can run forwards and in reverse to accommodate most label re-winding needs.

Label Re-Winder with Printer

The Label Re-Winder is manufactured from Stainless steel and the unit that can be placed on top of a table.

The label is un-winded from the roll, printed with an expiry and batch number and then re-winded at the end.

A counter with a countdown function stops the machine after a selected amount has been printed.

It is powered by 220VAC.

Bottle Hopper

  • Hopper is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Stand is manufactured from Powder coated mild steel
  • Hold in access of 500, 500ml PET bottles
  • Increases line efficiency
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • A rinsing unit can be mounted onto the frame
  • Foot Print of 100cm Wide X 110cm Deep X 180cm High
Manual Bottle Rinser with Pneumatic Actuator

This unit can be mounted onto a wall or in-feed conveyor.

Bottles are hand held over two spraying nozzles. A pneumatic actuator is opened with a pneumatic foot switch for the desired rinsing time. When the foot switch is released the actuator closes.  Waste water/ rinse medium is collect in a stainless steel trough with a draining point that could be led to the nearest drain via flexible hose (not included).

The unit needs to be connected to your current pressurised water supply or rinsing medium. No pump is supplied with the unit.

All components that are in contact with the water or rinsing medium on the unit are completely manufactured from stainless 304.

Depending on the desired rinsing time 20-30 Bottles can be rinsed per Minute.

(Nett weight – 10kg.  Packed weight – 15kg)

Auto In-Feed / Collating Table

Variable speed facility.

Driven by an industrial motor.

Can be used as an automatic in-feed table on the infeed side of the line or an automatic collator at the end of the line.

Fatboy 650 Shrink Wrapping Machine

The FB650 is a semi-automatic Shrink Wrapper where the bottles are place in front of the pneumatic pusher by hand in the configuration as required.

A push button activates the pneumatic pusher. After the bottles are pushed forward a constant heat sealing bar seals and cuts the plastic. The pack travels on a fibreglass conveyor belt through the 1200mm long heat tunnel with an opening of 650mm wide and 400mm high. At the end of the conveyor a cooling fan assists with the cooling of the shrinked pack.

This machine is capable of packing 10-15 packs per minute depending on operator efficiency.

Power requirement is 380VAC, 3 phase and 18kW.

Model 65 SIC 40

The Model 65 SIC 40 Shrinkwrapper, Automatically collates, seals and shrinkwraps 6 or 12 packs through a tunnel opening of 650mm wide and 400high.

This system has a 90° side infeed conveyor with a pneumatic ram pusher a the end that pushes the bottles through a curtain of poly prior to sealing.

The machine has a capability of wrapping up to 10 packs per minute.

Power supply to the machine is 380VAC, 3 phase and 35A per phase.

Compressed air supply required is 700kPa at 260L/min.


Tamper Proof Shrink Tunnel

The tamper proof Shrink Tunnel can over almost all bottling conveyor lines.

It is manufactured from Stainless Steel and utilises an industrial Hot Air Blower.

Height is adjustable to suit most bottle heights.

Top and bottom apertures can be opened and closed to suit the application.

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