Head Table Top Pneumatic Gravity Filler

The hopper of the pneumatic gravity filler is fitted with 2 light action filling valves, which operate under gravity. The liquid level in the product hopper is controlled by means of a float ball valve. 

The filling machine is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and non-ferrous metals and is custom-built and tested at our plant in accordance with your requirements. 

The containers are placed onto the Pneumatic lifting filling platforms by hand. The valves are actuated by the containers and therefore have a built in no bottle, no fill function. The target level in each bottle can be individually controlled by adding or removing valve spacers.   The valves fill to a constant level measured from the top of the bottle.

Different bottle sizes can be handled without any adjustments as long as the bottle neck sizes are the same. 

With this system, a constant filling volume is obtained over the whole filling range.

Filling speed is dependent on product viscosity and operator efficiency.


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