Plastic Container Leak Tester

Linear Trimmer Leak Tester

Leak Tester

 This is the most effective leak tester available

  • The unit is capable of trimming units with a dome design by means of a hot blade and driven belt design.
  • The dome belt speed can be adjusted via the inverter to adapt to the conveyor speed.
  • The trimmer is easily adjustable by means of quick adjustment devices. This is toaccommodate different bottle sizes.
  • Frame has an integrated height adjustment device.
  • The unit can be supplied with or without safety cover sections as shown in the picture. The unit can trim containers by positioning it over an existing conveyor or an optional conveyor can be supplied to form a stand-alone unit. Unit supplied standard to feed left to right.
  • The electrical switchgear is mounted inside a powder coated enclosure Temperature of blade can be controlled and interface is by means of solid state Relay.